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Dancing in Spanish


"Let's Dance" Spanish Course

Have you always wanted to dance Latin rhythms, but have not succeeded? Learn Spanish while you surrender to the rhythms of the Caribbean region full of music and joy.

Besides, it's a great workout. Learning how to dance Latin music can give you wonderful health benefits while you are having fun doing it.


  • Participants will take ownership of knowledge related to culture and Colombian folklore.
  • Participants will improve their Spanish communicative skills.
  • Participants will gain cultural experiences that will enable them to appreciate Colombia and its people.
  • Participants will be enriched by the integration of different cultures that are part of the class group.
  • Participants will strengthen their dancing skills to promote participation and interaction in the activities of their social life.


With our teachers:

  • Students will learn the commands (Imperative) move your head, your arms, sit, stand, turn…
  • Students will learn prepositions of place: up, down, center
  • Students will learn physical action verbs: spinning, jumping, etc…
  • Students will learn vocabulary related to position, direction and movement.


The Let's Dance Spanish course consists of 10 sessions (30 hours per course): 10 hours of Spanish lessons and 20 hours of dance class which also include history an importance of these rhythms in Latin American culture.

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