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Spanish Program

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Program Description

Our Spanish program consists of 5 levels of 64 hours according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. (CEFR)


This Spanish program has an emphasis in the development of the four basic skills of the language and the intercultural competence as well. It has a communicative approach to language learning.  In this program, activities addressed to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing are implemented. A variety of materials used in class include videos, films, music tracks, newspapers, magazines, internet etc.


Students´advances in the language learning process are assessed though a variety of activities and instruments such as observations, written and oral exams, interviews, among others.

Placement test

This test helps the learner to be placed in the level of his/her real language level. It is free and it is applied before starting the course.

Spanish Program in Colombia



Instituto Cervantes Barranquilla

Instituto de Idiomas  is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.


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Spanish Program in Barranquilla

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Learn Spanish while having fun in one Latin America's most authentic countries.