Spanish For Beginners

 Aprender Españ

This site offers Spanish learning in a practical and simple way, where the student is able to practice listening, pronunciation, and grammar in the same exercise.

Guiri Net

On this site you'll find Spanish verbs with their conjugations, explaining in detail the different grammatical forms of the language.

Click here offers a number of interactive activities on topics such as verb tenses and conjugations, and vocabulary, which help to strengthen and improve ability in the language.



This site presents a selection of fun and interesting texts for learning and practicing Spanish. The reading activities are organised into 3 levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Learn Spanish in your own time and have fun with Mi Vida Loca. Interactive video mystery set in Spain.

 Aula Diez

AulaDiez offers various Spanish tests, interactive activities, and writing exercises, giving you all the help you need for learning Spanish.

 Study Spanish

This page demonstrates a more practical approach to learning Spanish, giving examples of day-to-day conversations and thus enabling you to communicate more effectively.

This link gives you access to exercises focussed on grammar, based on the book ‘All the Spanish Grammar You Really Need to Know', by John turner.

  Lewis & Clark College

This page is focussed on grammar; dealing with key topics such as homophones, prepositions, and personal pronouns. 


Columbia University

This page offers grammar exercises and contains a list of links where you can find detailed information on the corresponding topics.


Spanish Booster

Spanish Booster is a comprehensive and interesting directory, with a number of units including; Spanish class, cultural training, voice over, and many more, all of which encourage language learning from a different perspective.

This site includes a number of exercises to improve your abilities in Spanish. Here you will be able to learn, and then self-evaluate what you have learnt.



Tim &

This site recounts the experiences of people who have learnt Spanish through immersion in the language; they may well inform and encourage you to do something similar.


At you will find a wide variety of topics that are particularly useful in holding conversations with native speakers. It also offers online ‘chat' where you can speak and practice the language.



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