Business School

Master of Business Administration

Master of Finance

Master of Marketing


College of Architecture, Urbanism and Design

Master of Urbanism and Territorial Development


College of Basic Sciences

Master of Applied Statistics

Master of Mathematics

Master of Applied Physics


College of Health Sciences

Master of Biomedical Sciences

Master of Epidemiology

Master of Occupational Health

Master of Public Health


College of Law, Political Science and International Relations

Master of Political Science and Goverment

Master of Law

Master of  Enviroment and Urban- Territorial Law

Master of Trade Law and Responsibility

Master of Public Law

Master of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Master of International Relations


Institute of Education

Master of Education


College of Humanities and Social Communication

Master of Communication

Master of International Cooperation and Projects Management

Master of Social Development

Master of Organizational Development and Human Process

Master of Economics

Master of Philosophy

Master of History

Master of Psychology

Master of Learning and Cognitive Disabilities


College of Languages

Master of English Language Teaching


College of Engineering

Master of Information Technology Governance

Master of  Engineering Management

Master of Enviromental Engineering

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Master of Process Engineering

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Master of Science in Electric Engineering

Master of Science in Electronics Engineering

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Master of  Telematics and Telecommunication

Business School

Ph. D in Business Administration


College of Basic Sciences

Ph. D in Marine Sciences

Ph. D in Natural Sciences


College of Engineering

Ph. D in Civil Engineering

Ph. D in Electric and Electronics Engineering

Ph. D in Industrial Engineering

Ph. D in Mechanical Engineering

Ph. D in computer Engineering


College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Ph. D in Communications
Ph. D in Economics

Ph. D in Psychology

Ph. D in Social Sciences


Institute of Education

Ph. D in Education


College of Law, Political Science and International Relations

Ph. D in Law