Universidad del Norte stands out in Colombia and international circles due to its strong ties with mostly with European and American institutions. The current Uninorte graduate is recognized due to his/her understanding of the cultures, languages, markets and technologies that are being advanced in different schools of the world. 

At Uninorte we understand the international dimension as an important realm in order to establish agreements and alliances with universities and research centers that enable the development of their academic and research activities. This positioning has been critical for the strengthening of our internationalization and has ushered in an age of academic agreements with institutions that have great international prestige in the areas of teaching and research.

Through our Office of International Cooperation and Development we arrange agreements with educational institutions all over the world, guided by the purpose of promoting students' exchange and mobility, research cooperation, two-way knowledge and the strengthening of our programs so that they can be more global and competitive in international circles.

We emphasize our current international affiliations with the Interuniversity Development Center- CINDA, the COLUMBUS Association, Latin American Television Association – ATEI,  the Latin American Center for Computer Sciences Studies- CLEI,  the University Network of Continuous Education of Latin America and the Caribbean – HACU, REDFORD, the Colombian-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry – PRO-ASIA, the Consortium for the Collaboration of Higher Education of North America- CONAHEC;  the Interamerican University Organization-OUI, the Continuous Education Network of Latin America and Europe-RECLA, LAC CEI, CLASCO, NAFSA and the International Educators Association - EAIE; TESOL;SICELE.


The dynamics of the relations of the Universidad de Norte with other institutions, organizations and communities overseas have resulted in international agreements or associations, within the framework agreements of international cooperation for scientific and cultural research, exchanges, double degrees, apprenticeships and education and training of the academic and administrative personnel. 

List of international agreements here.