International Lecture Series: A Strategy For Exchange Of Cultures And Knowledge International Lecture Series: A Strategy For Exchange Of Cultures And Knowledge

Universidad del Norte has a well-developed international lecture series: European, Fulbright, Canada Day, Americas and Asia-Pacific. These are valuable instruments of dialogue, exchange and integration between the Colombian Caribbean Region and other areas of the world.

This frequent meeting between academics, who are specialists and ambassadors of their culture, and their peers who come from the Colombian Caribbean Region, has promoted the intercultural awareness of our university campus through the exchange of students and professors, double-degree programs and the strengthening of academic relations and research programs with international universities and institutions.

These lecture series have brought together people of different worlds, cultures and their knowledge by opening up academic spaces like conferences, expositions, panels, audiovisual presentations, cultural samples and seminars.


European Lecture Series

Dialogue, exchange and integration are three words that define this academic space, considered to be the most important international program at Uninorte.

The European Lecture Series began in 1997 beginning with the orientations included in the institution's development plans and as a strategy in order to speed up the activity that the university had been forging with its European academic partners. Its objective is the analysis and discussion of global topics that stimulate reflection, with the participation of European experts who exchange their knowledge with their academic peers who come from Colombia and other areas of Latin America in order to integrate themselves and contribute towards the greater comprehension of our common past and our current times.

The European Lecture Series is now a model of international cooperation for the city and country. Annually, for one week, the Lecture Series brings together more than 7,000 participants who attend conferences by nearly 200 European public figures who are invited to debate economic, political, scientific, cultural and artistic topics.

The Americas Lecure Series

In 2005 Universidad del Norte created the Americas Lecture Series. This event provides a space for discussion and debate around topics that have an impact on the development of Latin America.

Aware of the role that Colombia plays in the hemisphere and the interest in maintaining friendly relations with regional neighbors this is beneficial to the Colombian academic community, students and professors who are interested in current events and the future of Latin America.


Asia-Pacific Lecture Series

During the last 50 years the greatest economic growth in the world has been in the Asia-Pacific Region. Emerging powers such as Japan, Singapore and China represent for the entire world a great opportunity in order to establish with these important markets. This reality led to the fact that in November of the year 2007 the Universidad del Norte created a space that links our Caribbean Region and the Asia-Pacific Region with the purpose of strengthening the relations that exist and establishing new ties and joint projects. The Asia-Pacific Chair is a means of academic, government and business reflection in order to present results of research and discuss trends and advances in accordance with the reality of this Asian region and its influence on the Colombian Caribbean Region.

Fulbright Lecture Series- Uninorte

Since 1999 the Universidad del Norte has led the Fulbright-Uninorte Lecture Series, an institutional program endorsed by the US Embassy in Colombia.  It was created with the support of the Fulbright Commission in Colombia and gas the purpose of promoting a better understanding between our country and the United States through educational, cultural and scientific exchange. This program is rooted in the renowned Fulbright Scholarship Program which has brought about exchange with the United States for almost sixty years.

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