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Associated Professor of Medicine. President Elect 2016-18 at Panlar. "Panamerican League of Associatons of Rheumatology"


Internist and Rheumatologist.Health Communication Phd (c).Life-Long Learner. Associated Professor of Medicine (Universidad del Norte) and the current President Elect of The Panamerican League of Associations of Rheumatology PANLAR (2016-18). I have an strong interest in medical education and social media research in healthcare.Social Media is the circulatory system of knowledge society. 

¨Carpe Diem¨ its my motto.

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President Elect 2016-18

Panlar. Panamerican League of Associatons of Rheumatology

March 2014  Present (2 months)

President Elect. Pan American League of Associations of Rheumatology (PANLAR)


April 2012  Present (2 years 1 month)

Doctorando en Comunicación. PHd in Communication (Health area). Phd Student

Universidad del Norte

February 2012  Present (2 years 3 months) Barranquilla

Editor in Chief

Salud Uninorte

January 2005  Present (9 years 4 months) Scopus, Scielo, Redalyc, DOAJ, Imbiomed, Hinari, Index Copernicus, Ulrichs

Scientific Committe

Scielo Colombia

May 2009  Present (5 years)

Coordinator- Unit of Rheumatology

Hospital Universidad del Norte

1997  Present (17 years)


Educar en Artritis

June 2012  Present (1 year 11 months) Hispanoamérica

Scientific Director

Centro de Artritis y Osteoporosis

January 1998  Present (16 years 4 months) Barranquilla.Colombia

Associate Professor of Medicine

Universidad del Norte

February 1993  Present (21 years 3 months)

Presidente XIII Congreso Colombiano de Reumatologia

Asociación Colombiana de Reumatologia

August 2009  August 2011 (2 years 1 month)


Colombian Rheumatology Association

August 2001  August 2003 (2 years 1 month)



January 1995  January 1997 (2 years 1 month)

Student of medicine

Universidad del Norte

1980  1986 (6 years)

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7 Reasons why I think Google + its a unique platform for Medical Education

Nota: Esta es una modificación de una entrada con la etiqueta #BlogClub que escribí sobre las razones por las cuales considero que Google + es una excelente plataforma para la Educación Médica . En esta entrada en español comento mis razones para enseñar Medicina utilizando la Social Media como un complemento muy util.

7 Reasons Why I think Google Plus its a unique platform for Medical Education

1.The search box : Integrated with the most powerful search engine you can look  for all kinds of previous posts from people, pages , communities , yours and your circles easily. Great when you are looking for medical stuff.

2.Automatic translations: I am writing this in English by actually you can read any post of G plus in any language because the translator its at the end of the post. Pretty awesome for my Spanish speaking students.
3.Communities: Finding communities with affinities around the world is one of the greatest things in G Plus. It is not about whom you know in your area of interests and more about whom can know through the different communities. Easy to star and administer, public or privates. There is a community (Rheumatology world) for clinical cases discussions as a private community. I administer RotReuma for students from the universities in my city going trough the Rheumatology rotation. I have found vigorous Spanish speaking communities in Social Media and Medicina (Social Media y Salud). More powerful than Facebook groups or chats in twitter  (at least less noisy and intuitive to understand for beginners)
4.HangOuts: Private or public video calls up to ten people for free. (In skype you have to pay). Imagine your class with a colleague from overseas or live discussions integrated to your you tube channel. Imagine meetings with your colleagues from the same city shortening travel distances and letting to be at home to discuss a journal club as an example.
5.Circles organization:You can easily select what you want to read from your different circles. I have my residents, students, rheumatology ,reumatologia , social media and medicine circles among others.
6.Sharing options: You can share a post to any other platform, insert the post, choose the circle and follow the post. 
7: My students love this platform: The most important, more than twitter (difficult to follow sometimes, 140 characters restrictions to present , lack of privacy to discuss because all is public discussion) or Facebook ( For friends, private life) . A short tutorial beginning RotReuma and I have not found barriers to use it (Different from twitter or Facebook).
This is our initial work published as an abstract at the XVIII Panamerican Congress of Rheumatology 

 G PLus for Medical Education

¿Do you think you can achieve this performance with any other platform? Love to hear your insights .  


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[...] 7 Reasons why I think Google + its a unique platform for Medical Education [...] Leer más
Publicado el día 3/05/14 19:48.
[...] 7 Reasons why I think Google + its a unique platform for Medical Education [...] Leer más
Publicado el día 5/05/14 7:04.
Buena plataforma, no la he explorado con detalle, pero veo que tiene muchas ventajas.
Publicado el día 5/05/14 20:04.

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