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The College of Engineering is one of the most robust at the University. It offers 6 bachelor's, 9 master's and 5 doctoral programs. Additionally, it comprises a wide portfolio of specializations which are offered by the Graduate Specialization Office.

It has 11 research groups, of which 3 fell into the "A1" category of Colciencias, which is the highest distinction from this organization that acknowledges the quality and relevance of the investigation within all investigations carried out in Colombia. The research conducted at Universidad del Norte, underlines innovation and a strong link between the industry and the institution. The above is evidenced by the various University – enterprises projects developed by the Hydraulics and Environmental Studies Institute –IDEHA (its acronym in Spanish) and the Institute of Sustainable Development as well as their relevance in today's environment.

At the College of Engineering, 48 professors have a doctoral degree and 33 have a master's degree.  There are 23 laboratories to serve instructional and teaching activities within the College and the faculty is distributed in five academic departments: Civil and Environmental Engineering,  Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering,

In 2010, our six engineering programs: Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial, Mechanical and Systems Engineering received an international accreditation from ABET, Inc, United States of America.  In virtue of the above, Universidad del Norte, became the first University in Colombia and the fourth in Latin America to be awarded with this certificate.

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 Since 2010, all engineering programs have been accredited by ABET: the country´s first university.