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Dean: Javier Páez

Master of Business Administration from the Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla - Colombia. Specialist in Finance from the Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla - Colombia. Specialist in Taxation from the Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla - Colombia. He has served as founding vice president for the Americas IFEES (International Federation of Engineering Education Societies), as president of ASIBEI and vice president of LACCEI (Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions) and as president of ACOFI (Colombian Association of Colleges of Engineering, its acronym in Spanish). 


Academic Director : Amparo Camacho

Systems and Computing  Engineering, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia.  Master in Computer Science, Universidad de Cantabria, España. Executive diploma in top management, Universidad del Norte-Universidad de los Andes. Member of LACCEI Executive Board in 2012-2013. Leader of national and international accreditation processes in Engineering programs, with extensive knowledge and experience in quality assurance in engineering education. She has led the redesign of national tests to assess skills of undergraduate engineering students of the country.


Research and Graduate Programs Director :  Julian Arellana 

Civil Engineer, MSc and PhD. Transport Research Group Member. Director of Postgraduate Studies in Civil Engineering at Universidad del Norte. Assistant professor. Leader of different research and consulting projects related to transport and logistics in different countries. His research areas include non-motorized transport, transport planning, and advanced econometric modelling.


Civil and Environmental Engineering Chair: Luis Fuentes

Ph.D in Civil Engineering with emphasis on Pavement Infrastructure Management, University of South Florida (2009). Master in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of South Florida (2007). Research associate of the TRANVIA research group, Associate Researcher of the Institute for Sustainable Development. Associate member of the committee-PIARC World Road Association (PIARC World Road Association) 4.1 Management of Road Assets (road asset management) for 2011-2015 cycle. Member of Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee AFD90 for Pavement surface properties. Member of the board of directors of the Colombian Society of Engineers - Sectional Atlantico. 


Systems and Computer Engineering Chair: Elias Niño 

Systems and Computer Engineer,Master in Systems and Computer Engineering and Master in Industrial Engineering at the Universidad del Norte.Doctor of Computer Science and Applications from Virginia Tech(2015).Associate professor at the Universidad del Norte and Senior Researcher pf the Gropu on Computer Networks and Software Engineering (GReCIS) according to Colciencias.His research topics focus on forecasting,mathematical and statistical analysis of data.He has worked as a researcher at U.S. Department of Energy Laboratories Sych as Argonne National Lab and Lawrence Livemore National Lab. He is currently a member of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. 


Electrical and Electronics  Engineering Chair : Mauricio Pardo 

Professor Pardo received his defree in Electronic Engineering from the Universidad del Norte, Barranquila, Colombia,in 2002,and his Master´s and Doctorate degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology,Atlanta,GA,USA,in the years 2007 and 2012 respectively, His research interests include the design of Analog Electronic Circuits,mainly for the development of Oscillators, Plls,Frequency Synthesizers and interface Circuits for MEMS devices. 

Professor Pardo is an IEEE member and is part of the telecommunications and Signals Research Group at the Universidad del Norte. 





Industrial Engineering Chair : Lina Prada 

Industrial Engineer with excellence award, Master in Industrial Engineering (Universidad del Norte),training as an international expert in restrinction theory of Goldratt Schools in partnership with Uninorte and Piénsalo Colombia. It is IDEAL Scholar 2014.Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma. Experience in applied projects of perceived quality of services,design of the product development process based on concurrent engineering and design of strategies of cooperation in logistics in the Colombian Caribbean supply chain.Leading profesorr fot the accompaniment of the assessment process of the Uninorte College of  Engineering. 


 Mechanical Engineering Chair: Habib Zambrano

He completed a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering at Pontifíca Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro) and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Norges teKnisK- naturvitenskapelige universitet (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). He worked for FMC- Technologies ( Kongsnerg, Norway) since 2011 to 2013, where he worked as a Senior Engineer in the offshore oil well structural integrity group. He has published papers in the area of fracture mechanics and material fatigue. His research topics are the following: structural integrity, mechanical behavior of materials, fracture mechanics, material fatigue, intelligent materials,offshore technologies for oil and gas