Folklore Dance Course

Learning Folklore Dance will get you deep into the roots of Colombian identity. After visiting different regions of the country, students will learn much more about the manifestations of our diverse indigenous cultural world.  




Rumba ballroom course

This course will enable participants to dance rhythms such as merengue, reggaeton, vallenato, ballads and reggae just to name a few. This course is ideal for students who want to learn to dance social rhythms or perfect their particular style.  




Salsa Course

This course is focused on developing and strengthening the interest of gender salsa through methodologies aimed at developing rhythm, laterality, expression, coordination and mental agility. It will allow them to handle and apply what they learn in social events and salsa dancing venues.  



Oral Expression Course

In any work or personal situation, it is of great importance to adequately and effectively address an audience. The reaction received depends upon the expression of the speaker and his ability to persuade and convince.  



Ballet Course

In this course you will learn the basic techniques, postures and schemes of ballet while continuously increasing and intensifying rigor throughout. Some techniques of contemporary dance will also be studied.  



Creative Design Course

This course will give the student the opportunity to make creative products and to add value to an everyday material, so participants can develop bracelets, bracelets, necklaces, bags and other products that identify themselves and have their personal touch.  



Living the art Course

This course seeks to understand and reflect upon the relationship between human beings and art. By way of virtual tours of museums and galleries around the world, the student will get up and personal with music, dance, painting, sculpture and literature. Students will also take real tours of museums in Barranquilla.  



Folklore Rhythm Percussion Course

Tomas Tehran is a descendant of the Batata de Palenque Dynasty and an expert in African drums since age three. He shares his knowledge and interpretation and techniques have become more sophisticated over time.  



Creative Literature Course

Take students by literary paths, revealing the multiplicity of visions that can be derived from the same world: the human experience understood from literature offers a wide range of shades. The human condition has been explored deeply in the literature.  



Acoustic Guitar Course

This course provides the basics and understandings of one of the most popular musical instruments out there.  



Millo Flute Course

Learn all the necessary techniques for mastering the most classic wind instrument on the Atlantic Coast.  



Photography Course

Learn techniques far beyond the simple operation of the camera. Color theory, image handling and lighting are some of the topic of study. This is also a very handy workshop for students already practicing this hobby.  



Arabic Dance Course

The movements of hip and belly are the main and most visible elements of this dance, which allow participants to dissociate the hip, trunk, arms, head, hands and give expression to their movements.  



Brazilian Dance Course

Afro-Brazilian dances will liven up the selection of the new institutional Free Dance Group. This workshop combines various choreographic techniques so the participants can reach higher levels of dance techniques.  



Vocal Technique Course

An educated voice always stands out. We know many students have talent that requires good instruction. Under the guidance of professors with extensive experience in voice training, this workshop will give you the tools to better exploit the qualities of your voice.