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Health education adolescents and approach from Social pedagogy, in contexts of vulnerability



Within the current context of globalization, there are multiple social, economic, cultural, communication and health policy factors that affect the well-being of each individual and of the community. Contemporary reality positions adolescents as a group of activities of particular interest to international and control organizations; Is conceived as a violated figure, which demands social and health care; In turn represents the future of the community. In this sense, education allows the creation of high performance strategies for health. Through educational intervention, from the social and community level, literacy in health; Using social pedagogy, a science that provides through the ASC (sociocultural animation) strategies for empowerment in the health of society. The concept of health education is not new. It is a construct that has been modified according to the needs of the individual in the social context, have emerged divergences in relation to the field of action of this, precisely in many cases there is no systematization and organization of it. In the same way, there is no need to follow up or evaluate the activities related to the promotion, it is necessary to show greater results in relation to the interventions that have arisen from the different disciplines. There has been a lack of interest related to the promotion, has been emphasized more to the aspects related to care and treatment, leading not only to the increase in morbidity, but to the economic crisis that the health sector is incalculable costs of treatment and Control of chronic diseases.


Keywords: health education, social pedagogy, teen


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