Andrés Orozco Cabrera

Instituto La Salle

As a student I am completely sure this relationship with Uninorte was what we needed to handle English as a second language. Throughout this year, I have been able to strengthen some of my skills with teachers, they are always willing to develop amusing and enjoyable activities. Thus, they find a way to make you spend a great time while you are actually learning English. It is a fresh style of educations that provides students with tools to achieve any goal we may have with this language. This is the greatest example of what to work with enthusiasm, effort, engagement and creativity is. It is a shame I will no longer be able to enjoy this experience due to this is my senior year, however, I already know what I will miss from school.







Dirigido a Instituciones Educativas con grados de Párvulo a Undécimo.

El horario va sujeto a la jornada escolar y al calendario académico de la Institución Educativa - 11 meses.

Para el desarrollo del convenio se debe:

  • Legalización de un contrato con las partes involucradas.


De acuerdo a las disposiciones financieras de la Institución - Cuatro (4) pagos correspondientes al 25% del valor total del contrato. 

 *Éste programa es de formación académica, que no conduce a título profesional.