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Juan C. Ortiz, Bladimir Salcedo and Luis Otero

Journal of Coastal Engeneering, Sep (2012)

On March 7, 2009, a 200-meter section of the Puerto Colombia Pier collapsed during the passage of a cold front through the Atlántico Department of Colombia on the Caribbean coast. In the present study, the most important meteo-marine event of the last ten years in the Colombian Caribbean area was reconstructed using SWAN software and the Wavewatch III (WW3) global wave model, which uses wind fields as input. The modeling involved a nested grid approach for the generation and propagation of waves in a particular sector of the central Caribbean coast of Colombia. To validate the numerical model, the time series of the event generated using modeling data was compared with the recorded wave data of buoy 42058, located in the Caribbean Sea and operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and buoy 41194, located near the mouth of the Magdalena River and operated by the General Maritime Directorate (DIMAR). The simulation results were incorporated into the CMS-WAVE and CMS-FLOW models for the reconstruction of the cold-front event.

The modeling results were also compared to previously reported data for the waves generated by the hurricanes Joan (1988) and Lenny (1999). The results revealed that the analyzed study area was more heavily impacted by the ocean conditions produced by the 2009 cold front event than those produced by the hurricanes that have affected the Colombian Caribbean coast. The findings also indicate that the proposed methodology utilizing several wave propagation models produces results that adequately characterize the processes occurring in deep, intermediate and shallow waters.

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A wave parameters and directional spectrum analysis for extreme winds

Ruben Montoya, Andres Osorio, Juan C. Ortiz and Francisco Ocampo

Ocean Engineering, May (2013)

In this research a comparison between two of the most popular ocean wave models,WAVEWATCHIII™ and SWAN,was performed using data from hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico.The numerical simulation of sea surface directional wave spectrum and other wave parameters for several parameterizations and its relation with the drag coefficient was carried out.The simulated data were compared with in-situ NOAA buoy data.For most of the buoys,WAVEWATCHIII™ presented the best statistical comparisons for the main wave parameters,such as significant wave height and peak period.

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