Colombia has the 2nd biodiversity in the world and the no. 1 biodiversity by square meter! It shares a part of the Amazon, considered to be the planet's largest ‘lung', and its two million square miles of jungle with Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. Colombia's geographic location is privileged in every sense: its borders with the two largest oceans in the world and its particular condition of being simultaneously a Caribbean, Andean and Amazonian country with natural resources and riches reveal a great potential for exploration and discovery in this land of vast natural contrast.

Although representing less than 1% of the world's available land, Colombia shares with Peru third place in the greatest diversity of living species, after Madagascar and Brazil. The country  is also famous for its flowers - with over 50,000 species including the orchid, its national flower.

With coastlines on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Andean mountains, and Amazon basins, Colombia's landscapes are vast and vastly diverse. Here, where the Pacific, Amazonian, Caribbean, and Orinoquian lowland regions meet, the landscapes are a patchwork of mangroves, snow-capped peaks, grasslands, deserts, wetlands, rainforests, dry forests, cloud forests, and other habitats. While world-renowned for its richness in bird species, Colombia also has an extraordinary diversity of amphibians and mammals, as well as orchids and butterflies.

The typical fauna of the rain-forest includes jaguars, armadillos, monkeys, snakes and a variety of bears, including the spectacled bear. 


Throughout its history, the country's ethnically diverse population has enriched Colombia with a wide range of cultural expressions in music, art and literature, which can be admired in museums, art galleries, libraries and public spaces.

In every region, the joyfulness and diversity of the Colombian people is expressed and celebrated during fairs, carnivals and cultural festivals. The Barranquilla Carnival in February is the most-awaited festival of the year, and was declared "World Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO.

In addition, Colombia is also home to a number of international cultural events. The Cartagena Film and Hay Festivals, the Manizales Theater Festival, the Bogotá Book Fair and Jazz Festival, the International Poetry Festival in Medellín, and Barranquijazz Festival in Barranquilla are some of the events that take place year round.


Thanks to its privileged location on the continent, all the environments of the tropics are present: glaciers, beaches, plains, rainforests, and deserts. In addition, Colombian will show a perfect blending of three cultures - Indian, European, and African. Different choices all around that will make you enjoy your holidays.

It is difficult to decide from among the many destinations Colombia has to offer. Yet whatever the decision, adventure will not be missed on your vacations.

Nature & Adventure

Amazon Jungle

Pacific Ocean Providencia
Amazon Jungle. The Colombian Pacific. Providencia and Santa Catalina.
With the largest tropical rainforest, the Amazonas Jungle we share with our neighbors is another of Colombia's top vacation destination. This is one of the most humid regions on the planet. Here, Humpback whale sightseeing is the main tourist activity. Providencia & Santa Catalina are the most romantic vacation destinations in Colombia, surrounded by an intense sea which captivates tourist.


Fun & Sun

Barranquilla Cartagena Santa Marta
Amazon Jungle. The Colombian Pacific. Providencia and Santa Catalina.

Barranquilla is known in Colombia as "La Arenosa", home to the national soccer team and Colombia's most popular carnival. Enjoy street partying, delicious cuisine & music festivals!

Cartagena adds an intense nightlife, international cultural festivals, magnificent beaches, excellent cuisine, and a diverse tourist infrastructure to its colonial and modern architecture.

Santa Marta is the oldest city in South America and holds an unrivalled architectural heritage. Walk around the historical center and visit the cathedral and historical museums.


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Bogotá; 7,594,000
440,831 square miles
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