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This intensive summer study abroad program lasts between four and six weeks. The aim of our summer courses is to provide a skill-based Spanish course in which students get the extra support they need to improve their Spanish language skills individually.

At this time we are accepting applications for new students for our summer program in 2021. If the global health crisis continues, we will offer this program completely online and students will be able to experience Uninorte and Colombian Caribbean Spanish while anywhere in the world.


Students complete 16 hours of class per week, delivered entirely in Spanish. Students are divided into different language level groups according to their language ability as determined by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). The course is divided in 5 modules: -Oral expression -Written expression -Grammar & Communication -Reading & Conversation Club -Culture, lifestyle & language.

The academic program is supplemented by field trips and excursions to various points of cultural interest where students will share traditional foods, learn about folk dances, attend cultural and musical events, and learn about the linguistic particularities of the Caribbean region.

Timetable: 4 hours per week during 16 weeks.


  • Copy of passport
  • A visa type V, M or R if the study period is longer than three months.
  • Study permit PIP 2 or PIP 6 valid for a 3-month stay.
  • Tourist permit PIP 5 if the student comes from any of the countries participating in the Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Colombia on the Waiver of Visas for Short Term Stays.
  • Registration form
  • Online test result
  • The PIP-2 stamp may be obtained by the candidate upon showing the acceptance letter issued by Universidad del Norte to the immigration agents at the airport once the participant lands in Colombia.
    To obtain a Type V visa, the university will support the student with the necessary documentation for the application at the Colombian embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if necessary. These documents will be issued once the registration to the courses is confirmed.
  • To apply for your visa click here.
  • For instructions and documentation needed for application click here.


Payment method credit card

Credit card, debit card or cash.

Payment methods check

Check on behalf of the Universidad del Norte Foundation.

Payment methods bank transfer

Bank transfer.
Beneficiary’s telephone: 3509244
Beneficiary’s Account number # in BANCOLOMBIA
Current Account N° 4777-127388-1
SWIFT BANCOLOMBIA: COLOCOBM (In case they ask for 11 digits, please add three X, that means: COLOCOBMXXX)

Payment methods service order

Service order of the entity authorizing the collection bill.

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