Juan Manuel Arcos Urrutia is Licensed in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad de Granada (Spain). He took courses on Traduction and Interpretation (English and Deutsch) and University Expert in Audio-description for the blind and Subtitling for the deaf at Universidad de Granada. He graduated of the Official Master in Social Communication at Universidad de Almería. Is a member of the Research Group ECCO (Critical Studies on Communication) and the research center Comunicación y Sociedad (CySOC) at Universidad de Almería. He Works at the observatory of strange diseases (OBSER) at Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia, Spain). Currently, is preparing his Doctoral Thesis at Unversidad de Almería on a linguistic and communicative improvement on Audio-description process of audiovisual Works for the blind in Spain. His research lines and topics, are, mostly: Access in Audiovisual media, Strange Diseases and Critical Discourse Analysis.