Kyle Conway holds a PhD in communication arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and he joined the University of Ottawa in 2015. In his research, he examines different borders—linguistic, cultural, geographic, religious—and the tolls they exact when we cross them. Much of his work focuses on translation in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. His first book, Everyone Says No, asks how the Corporation’s French and English services translated Canadians for each other during the constitutional debates of the early 1990s. His current book project asks how the CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie translated Muslims for non-Muslim viewers.

His other area of focus is the Great Plains and the Prairies. He has edited a book about the paradoxes of the U.S.-Canada border, and he recently published a volume of essays about the social effects of the oil boom in western North Dakota.

Dr. Conway teaches classes about the media and communication theory, from the introductory to the graduate level.