Candidate to PhD. In History at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Magister in Sociology at Universidad del Valle (2008), Social Communication and Journalism at Universidad del Valle, with an emphasis in Audiovisuals and Photography (2003).

Professor in the Faculty of Communication at Universidad de La Sabana. He has teaching experience at Universidad del Valle, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and Universidad Externado de Colombia. Member of the research group Cultura Audiovisual qualified by Colciencias. Currently, he teaches Documentary Workshop and Communication Theory. He has experience in researching and teaching in Sociology and History of Communication, Culture and arts, specially Image and Photography. His published books, Fotografía y Sociedad (2009) and Nuestra casa, Nuestras pantallas (2004), Study the relationship between culture, history and mass media through the approaches of visual studies and audiovisual culture. His articles explore differents research lines, such as Sociology of Communication, Compared History of Image, Visual Memory and Practices, Discourse and Audiovisual Narratives. In the journalism field he has developed photographic projects and documentary such as Recuerdo del Cielo: una narración fotográfica or Areneros. In the artistic field he has worked in projects of historic curatorship.