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Qualified registry: resolution 13742 of July 6th, 2016 for 10 years, counted from the execution of resolution number 1017 of January 24th, 2014.
Snies Code: 1267
Degree:  Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy
Duration: 8 semesters
Metodology: classroom 
Ubication: Metropolitan area of Barranquilla.
Credits: 134
National Acreditation through resolution 1017 of january 24th, 2014.
Validity: 10 years.

Why study the Bachelor’s Degree of Child Pedagogy program?

Because the graduate of Child Education (Pedagogy) in society plays a fundamental role, because as a research agent of the social reality of children and guarantor of rights, she is able to identify the needs of children in today's society, provide them the spaces and conditions needed in order to meet those needs. In addition, as an educator the graduate of Child Pedagogy has the important work of training, in the present, the future generations who will make up the construction and transformation of the country and society that we love so much.

Today the concept of childhood has changed giving relevance to this important stage of life where everything is yet to be built. Although human development occurs throughout our lives, there is scientific evidence that shows that the most important stage of the human being is the early childhood (we learn to think, to speak, to move, to interact with each other, our social ethical and moral values are developed in this stage of life), because of this, governments all around the world are investing in children. In Colombia we have the program from Zero to Always that attends boys and girls comprehensively, that is why today it is required to have competent personnel to work with this important population.

Why study the Bachelor’s Degree of Child Pedagogy program at Uninorte?

Because we are the only educational program in the country with HIGH QUALITY ACCREDITATION FOR 10 YEARS and in the Caribbean region we are the only Bachelor’s Degree of Child Pedagogy program that has high quality accreditation granted by the National Accreditations Board (CNA), which represents a seal quality for the student in training and for the graduates of our program.

Our program has been operating for more than 40 years at Uninorte and it was the first program to assist the children of our region; it was created due to the region`s need to improve the care and educational services of early childhood. These 40 years of history and experience have led us to become a quality benchmark. Also as a student of our program you will have the opportunity to pursue a double program with psychology, starting in the second semester, obtaining 2 professional degrees in less time, to carry out national and international exchanges, to articulate with graduate studies, among others, which will help build a professional profile differentiated in the current highly competitive labour market.