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About our program

The Modern Languages and Culture Program at Universidad del Norte is a pioneer program, which integrates the learning of languages and culture in order to prepare professionals to develop educational and cultural projects targeted to generate changes and improvement within their social environment.

It offers advanced education in languages, culture, and interculturality to prepare ethical, informed, and socially aware professionals who will be actively involved in local and global issues. A central aspect of this program is the conscious and critical use of language. 

Why studying Modern Language and Culture at Universidad del Norte?

At Uninorte, you will be able to…

  • develop national and international exchanges with more than 22 Colombian universities and 360 universities at the international level.
  • complete a double major with Social Communication and Journalism, Philosophy & Humanities, Psychology or International Relations and continue with a Master’s in Education, English Language Teaching, International Cooperation and Project Management, International Relations, or Communication, among others.
  • carry out professional internships in Colombia and abroad or complete a foreign language immersion program.

What will a professional in Modern Languages and Culture be able to do after graduating?


A professional in Modern Languages and Culture will be able to:


Demonstrate mastery of language with a critical awareness of the contexts in which it is used.


Use and critically interpret modern languages learning and teaching theories to educate citizens of the world.


Promote cultural knowledge and intercultural competences to foster harmonious relationships to carry out projects that respond to the needs and interests of the context.


Propose solutions to issues related to education, culture, and linguistic policies through research processes.


Where can a professional in Modern Languages and Culture work?

Spanish and/or foreign language teacher; leader of pedagogical processes in educational and cultural institutions.

Communication specialist in the areas of politics, printed and digital media, and public relations.

Cultural agent; cultural program and project leader; cultural attaché; cultural mediator in governmental, private, and third-sector institutions.

Publishing consultant and coordinator; style corrector; editor; generator of publishing projects.

Academic registry: Resolution 7319 of May 4, 2018 for a period of 7 years 
Snies Code: 106856 
Degree: Professional in Modern Languages and Culture 
Duration: 8 semesters 
Methodology: Face-to-face instruction 
Location: Barranquilla Metropolitan Area 
Number of credits: 136