Uninorte speech master

Uninorte Speech Master is a regional oratory contest that offers high school students the opportunity to express their opinions on and possible solutions to different social and educational problems.


The question for this year is: 

What strategies do you consider effective in promoting a safe and respectful online environment for young people, especially on platforms where they may face cyberbullying and other challenges?


If you want to participate, please keep in mind the following information:

1. Register before October 16th with the link from this webpage.

2. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with the instructions to send a video no longer than 3 minutes responding to the question above. 

Note: Videos without previous registration will not be taken into account for participating. 

3. On October 20th, we will announce those selected to participate in a live finale.

4. On October 30th - 9:30am, the finale will be held at the Campus Uninorte - Barranquilla. One of the judges will ask you a question for which you will have 3 minutes to respond while live.

5. We will announce the winners right after the live finale.

We want to hear YOUR ideas! Record your answer and let us hear your voice!

 Enrolled in the last two years of high school.

 Good oral skills in English.

If you are under 18, your parents must authorise your participation in the registration form. 

If you were part of the top 12 finalist in last year's edition, you cannot participate this year. 

 You need to register on our website to receive the question you must answer in your video recording.

 Your speech cannot be longer than 3 minutes.

 The live finale will be face to face in Barranquilla at the Uninorte Campus. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The question you need to answer will only be released if registered.

 Registration: September 20th - October 16th

 Announcement of spots for the live finale: October 20th. 

 Live Finale: October 30th - 9:30am at the Campus Uninorte - Barranquilla

 Winner:  Trophy; 100K Falabella Gift Card; 45K Spotify Gift Card.  

1st Runner up:  100k Falabella Gift Card.

2nd Runner up: 50K Falabella Gift Card.

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