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Barranquilla is a unique city that is rich in culture, music, and life. The Centro Histórico of Barranquilla is a nationally protected site by the Ministry of Culture. Some touristic landmarks include the Caribbean Cultural Park, Historic Downtown of Barranquilla, the Romantic Museum, the San Nicolás de Tolentino Church, the Museum of the Caribbean, the Amira de la Rosa Theater, the San Roque Church, Bocas de Ceniza, Barranquilla's Zoo, Plaza de San Nicolás, and many more.

Modern malls such as Buenavista, Villa Country, and Country Plaza beckon with their spacious shops while more exclusive boutiques by leading designers such as Beatriz Camacho, Judy Hazbún and Silvia Tcherassi operate out of beautifully renovated Republican-style houses and smaller open shopping centers like Las Palmas Mall. For Francesca Miranda, a leading fashion designer, Barranquilla and style are synonymous. "People here want to look beautiful", she says.

Barranquilla is best enjoyed outdoors and its proximity to the coast offers the visitor not only stunning views of the Caribbean from look-out points such as the Salgar Fortress, but also beaches for swimming and surfing such as Puerto Velero, Santa Veronica, Caño Dulce, Sabanilla and Pradomar

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